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Redmond is a six-year-old bunny with a background some would find horrifying. His earliest life is unknown, but he is an escapee from a corporation that made scientific (and less than scientific) advancements at the expense of animals. It's not even known when he lost his left foot and had it replaced with a lucky rabbit's foot.

For the most part, he was a makeup test subject, which is humiliating in itself, but he was also a part of a program that was originally started ten years prior to the game which entailed training animals to experiment on their peers through conditioning. Every time he pressed the big red button to run the experiment he would receive a cookie, until he was more than happy to do it any time he saw one.

Sometime after all of this, he was scheduled to pass through the genetic recombinator to be spliced with Spanx, the long-tailed weasel. The conveyor belt was stopped before this could happen and they escaped into the facility, where a mysterious voice offered them help in defeating the humans and escaping. Redmond was then literally dragged through the facility and used to bludgeon anything and everyone that stood in Spanx's way as they looked for a way out while freeing other animals. More complicated ways to proceed were overcome by him being used to grind rails, as a zip line, as a way to grapple electrified bombs, being set on fire, being used to short-circuited wiring, being frozen, being filled with helium to be a balloon, being a propeller, and being slotted into door-opening systems.

Once they left a considerable amount of damage in their wake, the voice left them on their own while he took care of something else. He returned just as they found the elevator, explaining that it would lead to freedom but they would have to restore the disabled power to use it. It was then that a friendly owl named Lincoln appeared to give them guidance, telling them of an elevator that would take them elsewhere if they could distract the guard with chocolate from the cafeteria. When he left, they went and defeated the lunch lady before Spanx tricked Redmond and doused him in chocolate to be bait. When the guard came running, he was knocked out and they continued deeper in to find power.

Later on they met Carol Ann, a very pretty employee who was secretly helping the animals...and who Redmond quickly developed a crush on. She urged them to hurry and get the elevator power going, but also for them not to get caught. The restored the power finally and were told to return to the main elevator, though this meant they had to defeat a giant robot on the way there.

As they exited the main elevator, Redmond was pretty optimistic for once. He talked about his future plans to find a lady rabbit and start a carrot farm, and how he'd move past how wronged he'd been over the years. But that positivity was shattered when they got to the next doors and an army of security was waiting. They quickly cleared the room and took a lift down into the center of the facility. Carol Ann greeted them there and introduced them to the voice that had been helping them, an old chimpanzee called Enos. It took Redmond no time to despise Enos, as he had expected an exit after the elevator and Enos dismissed any notion of a lie as his having promised freedom and not a rose garden.

Enos told them that in order to escape, they would have to go deeper in and cause a large fire by disrupting machinery. Redmond saw this as Enos using them for his own agenda, but the chimp told them it was for all of the animals. When the alarms sounded, Redmond's hopes of an easier escape were dashed, and his crush was destroyed by the idea that Carol Ann loved a wrinkly old ape. Everyone had to flee, leaving Enos to be destroyed by the company's Hamat Hunters. But not before he directed them to the waste area.

The journey through the waste area was mostly uneventful until they entered a room with a big red button. Despite Spanx trying to stop him, Redmond pressed the button and they were dropped into a waste area below some restrooms. To proceed, and to pay him back for getting them stuck down there, Spanx used Redmond to clog the toilets and flood the area enough to access a higher area.

At the furnace deep within, they had to defeat a monster made of waste. It trashed the furnace for them in the process, but if not for Lincoln coming to their rescue, they would have been incinerated. The owl took them to his master, a sentient poop living in the bowels of the facility. The Master wanted their help in overthrowing the CEO and destroying the facility altogether, alongside a group of deformed animals just like the owl that had been discarded as failed experiments. Redmond was fully against sacrificing himself for anyone's cause, but it was the weasel who got to choose for both of them. Spanx decided to help, and Lincoln told them to find Carol Ann as she was the key.

When they found her, Carol Ann gave Redmond an anesthetic so that she could install a high voltage upgrade in his body that would let them go to places they couldn't before. She directed them to the executive tower to install a data cube and sent them on their way. A message from Lincoln soon followed, informing them that a skeleton key could be made for them if they could get one key card from the highest ranking human in each area.

They traveled the entire facility again to reach the upload terminal, and as Redmond was reminding the weasel that everything would go south as soon as the cube was installed he noticed an exit. Desperate for freedom he tried to make Spanx go for it, even begging on his knees, but he wanted to finish the mission. The CEO and a bunch of Hazmat Hunters cut them off, and the CEO tried to talk them down by insulting animals for being animals. He told them that the problems with animals led him to build a better one, the very weasel that Redmond had not only been chained to, but had been one of the ones he was conditioned to experiment on. Spanx had turned out defective though and he intended to kill them both.

The owl returned and helped them get to the terminal so the cube could be inserted. The blast from completing this task sent them flying though. It took very little time for them to notice that they were no longer chained together, and Redmond immediately fled for the exit and his freedom without looking back.

Shortly after bailing, Redmond apparently grew a bit of a conscience. On his own he quickly returned to Spanx and chained them back together so the weasel could use him in battle against the CEO and defeat him.

Once the CEO was down, the cyber Enos that had been uploaded through the data cube directed all of the animals to an escape rocket. Redmond and Spanx made it, but lost their chance to join the others in helping Carol Ann board. With nothing to do but watch the lift-off, they set off down the road together as friends.


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