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Redmond is a character who will never be mistaken for a hero. He's somewhat shallow, mostly a coward, and definitely not one to be part of a bigger cause. He wants what he wants and his wants very rarely involve being helpful to others if it doesn't benefit him in any way. Canonly this hasn't helped him in any way, but this pretty much just makes him less likely to want to help others. This isn't to say he has no empathy and will never put others before him, but it's rare for him to do it since few have cared about what he wants and he rarely gets a choice.

On the subject of situations where he has no say, Redmond approaches them and those who put him in them with biting sarcasm and a cynical outlook on things. The inability to do as he wishes, look out for his own survival, or being used as a tool for others does nothing to stop him from saying what's on his mind ever. And it doesn't matter who he has to say it to either. If he's got something to say it's getting said.

If he is forced into some greater cause, or any task he doesn't want to do for that matter, he definitely doesn't take well to his part in it being completely overlooked. That's worse than not having a choice in the first place. This is seen when Spanx uses him to blow the circuits on hamster cannons to save the hamsters from being fired at velcro walls. Redmond notices one that's very obviously thankful to Spanx and punches it.

Redmond has no particular loyalties to humans or to animals. Both have used and abused him, and both have shown that he doesn't really matter to him in the grand scheme of things. So he really has had no reason to care about anyone. By the end of the game this changes just as he somehow became close to Spanx in the midst of their adventure, as seen by his willingness to both return and re-shackle himself to the weasel. But Spanx and Carol Ann, who he never actually disliked, are really the only two.

A benefit to being everyone's tool, is that Redmond can actually tell pretty quickly when he shouldn't trust someone and tries to avoid it. This was most obvious when Spanx tasted the cafeteria chocolate and then innocently invited him to try some. Redmond was very careful in going for it because he didn't trust Spanx and was proven right when he was pulled under the flow of chocolate to be coated in it. It was also seen when he quickly realized after meeting Enos that his freedom meant doing what Enos wanted rather than just escaping.

One of the few positive traits that this very negative rabbit has is that he doesn't really hold grudges for that long. While he is resigned to abuse and his dignity being trampled all over, when things seems to be looking up he's quick to forgive. He mentions more than once that a weasel ate his mother, and implies that the weasel was Spanx, but well before abandoning and then returning to him he states that he'll forgive him and is over it while talking about his future. There is also the fact that he did return to Spanx despite the weasel's utter lack of consideration toward him from the very beginning.

One side effect of his time as a test animal is an affinity for big red buttons. Having been conditioned to press them for a reward, he has a really hard time resisting the urge to push one when he sees it. The best thing to do is not let him see it at all. If that fails, make sure he doesn't get to it. Another potential one is that being consistently used to bash and smashed gets him hyper and worked up, to the point that he'll become a little blur of destruction on his own until he can wind down.


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